Bring the high quality products people want directly to them

Our products are items that people need and use every day. They can be private labeled or custom manufactured to our customers needs and be shipped straight to the end consumer, no matter where they are located in the world.

Why we're different

  • Amazing pricing deals
  • Factory direct access
  • We can customize almost any product to meet each customer's needs
  • Global shipping and logistics support (We have up to 89% discounts on shipping internationally)
  • Access to 50,000+ product categories
  • All of our products are manufactured in North America
  • New, interesting, and in-demand products are continuously added to our catalog
  • Low MOQ at wholesale prices
  • Dropshipping programs
Small Business
We want to help your small business make great profit margins. You should not have to buy large quantities to get great pricing.

We built our program to enable people to get back to work or start or expand your business. There are no inventory requirements and you can use it in 175+ countries around the world.

Whether by providing you products with your own brand or small minimums, we have you covered.


How it works?

Our process is simple:

Order is placed We manufacture the product Product is delivered

You can add products to your store from the system. You set your pricing.

When a product is purchased, you will be directly paid from the customer. If your customers buys one of our products, our system will detect it and send you an invoice. Once you pay your invoice, we will ship the products directly to your customers.

It's that easy. Factory direct.


  • We manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly products while reducing waste to the planet.
  • We use certified, sustainable, natural, ECOCERT, and organic plant-based ingredients in all our personal care products.