Why Choose Us

We are a manufacturing group that specializes in manufacturing products in North America. Our core business belief is to provide a better tomorrow by manufacturing sustainable and environmentally friendly products while reducing waste to the planet. With each manufactured product, we focus on premium items that can be used for years to come. We believe in making a product right from the start.

Our resources begin with access to amazing ethically sourced raw materials. We then use cutting edge technology to make our products in North America. Once we have manufactured the product we deliver it straight to the end consumer, no matter where they are located in the world.

Most companies around the world do not focus on individuals or small businesses, but that is all that we focus on.

We believe in small minimums, plant based products and help small businesses make great profit margins.

Why are we Different:

  1. We love Making the Impossible, Possible. Small minimums, custom products, immediate price breaks
  2. Factory Direct Access
  3. Resources for Small Businesses to grow, learn and make an impact in the community
  4. The ability to develop Custom Products with Ease.
  5. Global Shipping and Logistics Support. (We have up to 89% discounts on shipping internationally).
  6. Drop Shipping Programs
  7. Access to over 50,000 Categories of unique products Manufactured in North America
  8. Amazing Pricing Deals
  9. Systems and Resources to expand their business
  10. Community Participation, and much more…