A Reseller is a vital part of the business world. At its core, a Reseller is the connection between the factory and the customer. The Reseller identifies the right products or services to provide the customer.

A Reseller is one of the oldest and most proven business models around the world. You literally help influence the decisions that retailers / customers make on a daily basis.

As a Reseller you are your own boss, you set your own schedule and you set your own pricing? We give you the tools and training you need to succeed!

Traditional Responsibilities of a Reseller:
  • Publish / List products for customers to purchase
  • Determine your pricing and profit margins
  • Develop relationships with current customers and potential customers
  • Build Awareness of our amazing products.
  • Assist customers with understanding our custom manufacturing capabilities.
  • Explain the delivery process to the customer
  • Utilize any and all marketing tools such as online website, catalogs, brochures, and additional information to broaden reach in territory and promote company product
  • Research and analyze customer needs and demands based on market information