Our Process

Our process is simple:

Order is placed We manufacture the product Product is delivered

How does it work?

You can add products to your store from the system. You set your pricing.

When a customer purchases a product you will be directly paid from the customer. If your customers buys one of our products, our system will detect it and send you an invoice. Once you pay your invoice, we will ship the products directly to your customers.

It's that easy. Factory direct.

How is the Factory Keys System different?

  1. Most dropshipping apps just offer random products that are not consumed every day. They may offer a wide variety of products that people do not want to buy.
  2. Our core business is dedicated to changing the way that factories interact with small businesses.
  3. Our products are manufactured in North America.
  4. We are different from other dropshipping & supplier apps because our products are everyday use items. No matter where you are in the world, people need hospitality and personal care products every day!!!
  5. All of our products are Professional Grade for the hospitality industry. Search our system to find thousands of amazing products.
  6. Our beauty & wellness products are made with the newest plant-based ingredients to replace those used in traditional chemical formulas. Our product ingredients are certified Sustainable, Natural, ECOCERT & Organic.
  7. Each of our products are custom made to meet and exceed customer needs. We have a multidisciplinary team of specialists in natural cosmetic chemistry, botany, cosmetology, dermatology, engineering, and specialists who as a team can create the most specialized natural products on earth.
  8. Our Personal Care Products are: Free of Parabens (cytotoxic), Phthalate Free (cause hormonal effects), Free of benzenes (carcinogenic), Free of Artificial Dyes, Free of Petrochemicals, Free from Aliphatic Solvents, Tensile Free Synthetic Assets, Gluten Free, Silicone Free

Now you can bring the products that people want directly to them. Our program enables you to sell plant based, natural and sustainable products to customers that want them.

Our program eliminates the need for worrying about inventory and what products to sell. Many droppshipping apps are just filled with products that nobody would ever buy. Our products are items that people need and use every day.