Are the shipping fees included in the invoice sent after a customer places an order?
Shipping fees will be charged separately from your products on your invoice. You'll need to add the shipping fees to the final costs to your client final costs.
What type of products do we offer?
We offer premium hospitality and personal care products to luxury hotels, luxury spas, restaurants, charities, schools, retailers, and many more businesses around the world.

Our products are manufactured in North America and are Professional Grade for the hospitality industry.
Why are we different?
Most dropshipping platforms offer random products that are not consumed every day. They may offer a wide variety of products that people do not want to buy. Our products are items that people need and use every day, they can be private labeled or custom manufactured to our customers' needs and be shipped straight to the end consumer, no matter where they are located in the world.

Our core business is dedicated to changing the way that factories interact with small businesses to help them move forward.
Do you offer a reseller program?
We offer two different business programs to fit your starting or growing business, the Reseller Free Plan and the Entrepreneur Collective Premium Plan.

Need more help?
Send us a message or give us a call. we'd be glad to help you!