We want to help you run a successful business.

The world of business is not easy, we need help from time to time. You might be a new entrepreneur excited to start a company, we have our Entrepreneur Collective Program to help you out. You might be an established business looking for ways to bring new products in while still saving money, you can become a Factory Keys Entrepreneur Reseller. You might be a factory in need of new markets, we can help with that as well by having you become one of our Vendors. No matter where you fall in the chain, we are here to help.

We hope to change how Factories, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Consumers interact. We enjoy having the opportunity to be part of a solution and helping people make a difference every day.
Small Business
are our focus
Factory Keys is focused on innovative global trade and small businesses.

Our foundation is based on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome the immense hurdles of international business and global trade.

We understand that working in today's business environment requires direct access, innovation, expertise, and qualified partners.

Our infrastructure is strategically positioned to provide product access, low minimums, efficiency, quality and reliable solutions.

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Our amazing savings calculate real time in your cart based on volume purchases. The more you purchase the more you save.

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Items from the same collections will combine discounts to give you better pricing.

Instant savings

  • Our platform is designed to give you amazing pricing on every purchase.
  • Exclusive offers to save instantly on products for your business.
  • Discounts get better when you purchase more.
Products on our platform are Made in North America.

We are proud to offer you quality manufactured products that are made with quality and passion.